Old photograph of family back in Colombia


It started as a dream of a courageous Coffee grower... my Great, Great, Grandfather who, similar to his ancestors that originated from Medina and settled in Antioquia in the late 1800’s, travelled with other families by mule and settled in what today is known as The Coffee Triangle (Quindío), seeking a better future.

Café Muisca is proud to continue with its speciality coffee heritage, which was created in honour of my late maternal grandmother and mother to share and promote the ideals and passion they both left me. We specialise only in pure Colombian Arabica coffees.

Cafe Muisca is continuing and maintaining my traditions of coffee heritage. Who would ever have thought that playing amongst coffee trees as a child would have developed later in life as a dream and a passion for everything that would stand for an excellent cup of coffee.

The passion runs deep in my veins.